NCCD logo & tagline


The Nebraska Consortium for Citizens with Disabilities is a non-partisan cross-disability coalition of organizations committed to working with the disability community to advance equal rights and disability related public policies.

NCCD does this by:

  • Identifying and researching public policy issues and encouraging innovative solutions to public policy concerns related to people with disabilities.
  • Educating policy-makers and the general public to improve public policies and programs that foster independence, productivity, integration and inclusion of people with disabilities.
  • Encouraging people with disabilities and their families to advocate for themselves and coordinating grass roots efforts to support these advocacy efforts.


The mission of NCCD is to identify and research public policy issues, educate policy-makers and the general public, and advocate for effective solutions regarding Nebraskans with disabilities.


NCCD envisions a world where people with disabilities are fully included in all aspects of society and where disability is considered a natural part of the human experience.